Grimoire Lab

Free, libre, open source tools for
software development analytics

How it works Aim and components

The aim of this project is to provide an open source platform for:

  1. Automatic and incremental data gathering from almost any tool (data source) related with contributing to Open Source development (source code management, issue tracking systems, forums, etc.)
  2. Automatic gathered data enrichment, merging duplicated identities, adding additional information about contributors affiliation, calculation delays, geographical data, etc.
  3. Data visualization, allowing filtering by time range, project, repository, contributor, etc.

Supported data sources

Source Code Management

Git, Baazar(*), Mercurial(*) (*exporting to git)

Issues / Tasks Management

Bugzilla, GitHub Issues, JIRA, Maniphest, Redmine

Source Code Review

Gerrit, GitHub Pull Requests

Mailing lists / Forums

Askbot, Discourse, Gmane, Hyperkitty, mbox files, NNTP, Pipermail, Stack Exchange

Continuous Integration


Synchronous Conferencing

IRC (Supybot), Slack, Telegram


Confluence, MediaWiki

Meetings Management




The platform provides the following pieces:


Sir Perceval goes on the quest to retrieve and gather data from git, GitHub, Bugzilla, JIRA, Gerrit, mbox, pipermail, StackExchange, Discourse, etc.

Check Perceval repository

Sorting Hat

Tool to manage people identities information, to merge multiple person identities across different data sources, enrich profile information with affiliation information, etc.

Check Sorting Hat repository


Playground for testing the whole set of tools as a platform for software development analytics. It's is a prototype of the Grimoire Open Development Analytics platform.

Check GrimoireELK repository


King Arthur commands his loyal knight Sir Perceval mananging the tasks to retrieve data for analysis. It manages data incremental update, parallel downloading, etc.

Check Arthur repository


Custom fork of Kibana to work on new ideas for metrics & data visualization to be used by GrimoireLab Panels.

Check KiBiter repository


Set of pre-defined widgets and dashboard templates to visualize Elasticsearch indexes generated by GrimoireELK with KiBiter.

Check Panels repository


Each piece of the platform includes its own documentation, but if you want to start playing with it, we recommend you to go to the open book we are writing about it:

GrimoireLab Training

Built with Grimoire Lab

Some dashboards and services built using Grimoire Lab platform dashboards dashboards

Eclipse Foundation dashboard

Eclipse Foundation dashboard

OPNFV dashboard

OPNFV dashboard


Grimoire Lab is an evolution of the work done during +10 years by Bitergia, LibreSoft URJC research group and several contributors in Metrics Grimoire, VizGrimorie and GrimoireLib projects, to provide Open Development Analytics, an open approach for Open Source Software Development Analytics.

We truly free, libre, open source software and the power of the Community, so these set of tools are and always will be free, open source software. Feel free to contribute!

Do you want to try it for your project?

You can check current use cases or ask Bitergia for enterprise support.